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your layouts are awesome!

Posted by MisterWho on Jan 5, 09 3:48 pm · History

wow. dyou make this yourself??

Posted by purpledino on Oct 25, 08 8:52 pm · History

i meant ur current one* lol

Posted by shortcake on Oct 17, 08 12:59 am · History

omg, I love your createblog layouts. Just had to say that lol.

Posted by shortcake on Oct 17, 08 12:58 am · History


Can you fix them pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by shazperez on Jan 28, 08 5:48 am · History

love the background.
rly cute.

Posted by barbieeedollxo on Dec 12, 07 12:40 pm · History

i lovee your layouts.
i would like to use the eye one. but it just shows my pic in the top left corner. what do i do?

Posted by Feffi26175 on Oct 27, 07 12:37 pm · History

i love the lyt.s you created. they're awesome! and your hair's pretty.

Posted by miris92 on Sep 24, 07 11:13 pm · History

on the forums checking out new lay out. you?

Posted by Programmer on Aug 15, 07 12:04 am · History

whats up?

Posted by Juice on Aug 8, 07 5:52 pm · History

Oh, haha. I always wanted to visit New York. The night lights looks really awesome to look at. Someday I'll visit New York. The weather is quite nice here, not too hot nor not too cold. xD

Posted by Relentless on Aug 8, 07 2:27 am · History

hey. nice sparrow layout.

on your black & blue layout from along time ago, where'd you get the coffee stain brush?

Posted by protos on Aug 7, 07 11:21 pm · History

Oh wow. You must be rich, I bet. Going out of state every now and then.*jealous* lol. I really never went out of state, I'm always here in Cali. Haha. Haha, you're going camping, ehh? I love camping, i went camping the 1st week vacation started. School starts in 3 weeks for me, which really sucks. =O

Posted by Relentless on Aug 7, 07 2:44 pm · History

Thanks Lana. How are you? I haven't seen you for awhile. I'm guessing you're quite busy lately.

Posted by Relentless on Aug 7, 07 2:10 am · History

Eh, I can't get in contact with my host anymore. It's like she disappeared out of nowhere... I'm sorta worried but I'm sure she's not on vacation or something. 'Cause if she was, she would have told me before.

Posted by Clashing on Aug 6, 07 10:35 pm · History

Actually, I got the domain transferred. I should've known in the first place. I'm so mind-blinded, lol.

Posted by Clashing on Aug 6, 07 9:53 pm · History

Thank you! =D

Posted by YourSuperior on Aug 6, 07 9:42 pm · History


Posted by Programmer on Aug 6, 07 2:45 am · History

Hey, congrats on the first round! =) Anyway, sorry to jump off the subject... But do you know anything about transferring domain??

Posted by Clashing on Jul 13, 07 1:43 pm · History

Congratulations Lana on the 1st round. It looked really good, you deserved it. (=

Posted by Relentless on Jul 13, 07 12:42 am · History

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